LegalHelp - this is a perfectly composed network, which includes: business entities, a lawyer and a public organization. 
The main goal of LegalHelp is accounting services and legal support in Kyiv in all regions of Ukraine.

Accounting services combined with legal services have the highest efficiency, which is an undeniable advantage of LegalHelp.

LegalHelp provides the services of an accountant, auditor, tax lawyer, business lawyer, lawyer.

Consultations, outsourcing of accounting and legal services remotely on-line (online) on production, works (services), trade and foreign economic activity (FEA export, import).

Drawing up a charter, protocol, decision, order, instruction, instruction, power of attorney, contract, agreement, appeal, statement, complaint, complaint, claim, lawsuit, revocation, objection.

Accounting for financial and economic activities and the formation of financial tax and statistical reporting.

Internal Audit, Management Accounting and Reporting.

Registration, reorganization, liquidation, bankruptcy of business (PP, LLC JSC) and non-business companies of all types of ownership and activities.

Resolution of tax, economic, corporate, labor, credit, land disputes.

Appeal: ECI requirements; tax notification-decisions on income tax, PIT; asset arrest decisions, VAT blocking.

Free legal aid to a public organization.

Advocate services in criminal proceedings (cases) of a witness, victim, suspect, accused, defendant, convicted person) and cases of administrative offenses to a person held administratively liable to the victim.

Representation in state and local authorities, officials and officials, enterprises, institutions, organizations, in the court of general jurisdiction, economic and administrative courts, their appellate and cassation instances, the Supreme Court.
Lawyers and legal assistance of a public organization provide protection and protection of business from unlawful encroachments.


LegalHelp specialists at your service:



Lawyer, tax lawyer, business lawyer


Creation, reorganization, liquidation of enterprises. Protection against unlawful encroachment. Objections to acts, appeal against tax rulings, requirements of ECI. Tax, labor, land, corporate, commercial and civil disputes in courts of various jurisdictions, their appellate and cassation instances, the Supreme Court.


Accounting and auditing


Accountant and Audit Expert.
PhD in Economics




Chairman of the Public Organization "Human Rights Union of Ukrainians in Ukraine"


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