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Legal services for the registration, reorganization, liquidation of legal entities and individuals - entrepreneurs are the basis for LegalHelp in particular, to provide legal support and resolve disputes.

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Registration, reorganization and liquidation

The possibility of choosing the optimal mode of taxation, among other factors, depends on the legal form of the business entity. Establishment of a business entity, change of the legal form of a legal entity or termination of its activity, bankruptcy of an individual - are subject to state registration.

Settlement of Disputes

LegalHelp fully supports its clients in their activities, starting with the development of local documents: charters, regulations, instructions, orders, orders, etc; drawing up minutes, offers (offers), contracts, requirements, claims, complaints, statements, letters, etc. before resolving disputes.


Disputes are resolved in pre-trial or judicial proceedings. In pre-litigation the dispute is resolved by reaching the agreement of the parties to change the contract with the appropriate conditions or the satisfaction of the claims, and in court - the decision of the court, which came into force.

LegalHelp Legal Services and Support consists of the following services:

Legal Services

consist in the preparation of draft documents on registration, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises (PP, LLC, JSC), drawing up contracts, charters, regulations, instructions, orders, orders, statements, letters, appeals, etc. in the creation, change or termination of activity, its servicing and support for the protection of legal rights and interests and against unlawful or unlawful encroachment.

Consulting services

These include clarification of specific provisions of applicable law, counseling and prompt assistance in the preparation of relevant records of the fixation of certain phenomena and events, justification of the need to commit or refrain from committing legally significant acts (acts or omissions).

Representative services

ensure departure and direct participation in events (meetings, negotiations, seminars) of clients and their employees, representation of clients before third parties (contractors, state and local self-government bodies, officials and officials) to solve non-standard issues and situations in order to achieve the desired result or avoiding the risk of adverse effects.

Legal assistance

is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy and Advocacy" on the basis of an agreement of legal assistance on representation in local courts of all jurisdictions, their appellate and cassation instances as a plaintiff, defendant, third party, as well as a lawyer in cases administrative offenses, criminal proceedings against a witness, a victim, a detainee, a suspect, a defendant, a defendant and a convicted person.

Legal services remotely (on-line).

Legal service and support of clients' activity in Ukraine is performed in Kyiv by a lawyer, tax lawyer, business lawyer and LegalHelp lawyer due to due diligence, other categories, directions and specifics remotely, on-line, which does not require securing or creating a workplace or its equipment. LegalHelp's specialists may be located in the client's office and in other places only in the order stipulated by the relevant contract, if necessary.

LegalHelp professionally provides legal services and support services by providing professional legal services and representation to a tax lawyer, business lawyer and lawyer in civil, commercial or administrative relations between persons, public authorities and local self-government, their officials and officials.

LegalHelp tariff list in Ukraine of relevant prices and costs of legal support services and maintenance

Legal LegalHelp Price List

Name of legal services LegalHelp at current rates as of 01.01.2020

The cost of legal services.
Price in UAH from

Preparation of draft registration documents (protocols, decisions, statutes, applications, etc.) for the creation of business entities of individuals and legal entities (private enterprise, limited liability company, full liability, partnership, public or private joint-stock company, enterprise associations in the form of associations, corporations, consortium, concern, holding), non-business partnerships (political parties, charitable foundations, cooperatives, public associations), mass media (mass media), as well as kremlenyh divisions (offices, branches). 3000
Preparation of projects of registration documents (protocols, decisions, statutes, applications, agreements on alienation of corporate rights, etc.) of reorganization (merger, joining, division, separation, transformation) of legal entities. 10000
Preparation of draft registration documents (protocols, decisions, applications, appeals, etc.) the termination of legal entities as a result of liquidation (by the decision of the participants, the body of the legal entity, authorized by the constituent documents, on the participant's claim), including through bankruptcy, as well as separate structural divisions (representations, affiliates). 8000
Drawing up of draft labor agreements, economic agreements and treaties (civil law contracts) on certain types of obligations, preliminary, public, treaties of adherence, mixed agreements, with delays and cancellations, offers (proposals to conclude an agreement). 500
1. purchase, sale, supply, agricultural contracting, mines (barter), donations (donations), rent, leasing, loans, 500
2. hiring (lease, sublease), including real estate, housing, land, vehicles 500
3. contracts, including household, construction, for design and search works, for carrying out research, development and technological works 1000
4. the provision of services, including the carriage of goods, passengers, baggage, mail, charter (freight), freight forwarding, storage, warehousing, protection, insurance, co-insurance, reinsurance, commission, commission, sub-commission, property management, loan, credit, commercial loan, bank deposit, bank account, account lending, conditional storage account (escrow), factoring, licensing for the use of intellectual property rights, creation of an order and use the object of intellectual property rights, the transfer of exclusive proprietary rights of intellectual property, commercial concession (subconcession), joint activity, common partnership, 1000
5. Alienation of agricultural land during the moratorium 3000
6. drafting of a preliminary contract for the sale of land, agreements on the sale of land, the superficies and servitude of land, agency and brokerage contracts for the acquisition, alienation of real estate (houses, buildings, apartments), additional agreements on changing the terms of contracts or their termination or termination. 1000
Drafting of local normative documents: collective agreement, regulations, instructions. 600
Preparation of draft orders, orders on personnel issues: acceptance, transfer to another job, leave, dismissal, disciplinary liability, etc. 300
Drafting of applications (applications, notices, claims, claims, complaints). 700
Legal advice on activities in the field of labor protection, intellectual property, securities, real estate, taxation, etc. 300
Preparation of responses to requests and requests. 1100
Due Diligence (legal audit) of enterprises, investment attractiveness of projects. 2500
Verification of the existence of business risks, their assessment 2000
Risk Removal 800
development, implementation and maintenance of legal schemes for optimization and minimization of tax burden, as well as implementation of measures to avoid other risks of activities 400
legal support of activity, foreign investments in Ukraine 500
protection against unlawful encroachments 1500
1. support of inspections of controlling bodies, procedural actions of law enforcement bodies 3000
2. Appeal against unlawful decisions, unlawful actions or unlawful inaction 1000
3. Defending rights and legitimate interests by self-defense 1000
representation in the organs of state power and local self-government, legal and natural persons (participation in consideration of objections to acts of inspections, complaints about unlawful decisions of actions or inactivity, claims, claims and other actions) 3000
Representation in courts of general jurisdiction, administrative and economic courts, their appellate and cassation instances 3000
Assistance in solving civil, economic, labor, corporate, land, credit, tax and other disputes. Formulation of applications in substantive and procedural matters. 3000
1. recognition of illegal and cancellation of tax notices-decisions 3000
2. invalidation of credit agreements, including those concluded as a result of error or fraud, misconceptions and void agreements, consumer contracts concluded as a result of unfair business practices, enforcement of obligations (sureties, mortgages) 3000
3. recognition of illegal decisions of state authorities and local self-government 3000
4. Debt collection and indemnification, penalties (penalties, fines), compensation of moral and material damages 3000
5. refutation of inaccurate information on the Internet, print media, radio and television. 3000
6. providing all kinds of advocacy.

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