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In Ukraine, the first and the only organization in the world to cleanse the society from the spit in the world, created and started its activity, is eliminating the causes and conditions that give rise to corruption!

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The reason or grounds for corruption is the spyware.

Fighting corruption requires solving political, economic, legal and organizational issues. The national legislation of different countries contains its subject and object structure, the ways of raising and the level of responsibility of corrupt officials. However, the problems of combating corruption in all the fighters are the same, they are reduced to the conclusion that it is impossible to win absolute victory over corruption and corruptors and the need for comprehensive measures on the part of the authorities and society aimed at eliminating the causes and conditions that generate it. The environment favorable to corruption is not natural, but only artificially created and only in public relations among people. The environment of parasites of society, as a human disease, is first defined in the world in Ukraine under the name of the sphysmith.

The concept of the spit marshland, its features, the spider-bogs that it distributes, as well as a set of appropriate public measures aimed at eliminating this disgraceful phenomenon, according to general criteria, is enshrined in the charter headed by President Truskavets Roman Stepanovich and head Gorschar Sergei Vasilyevich. The NGO "Human Rights Union of Ukrainians in Ukraine"

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