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Accounting services for accounting of agriculture, maintenance of agricultural enterprises and support of production of agricultural products.

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Organization and adjustment of accounting of agriculture, accounting support LegalHelp production of agricultural products

LegalHelp knows exactly how to help representatives of the agricultural business to organize and organize accounting correctly and economically, providing comprehensive consulting support with timely, high-quality consultations for optimal management decisions on the correct formation and reflection of business operations.

Accounting services for agricultural enterprises, producers of agricultural products

LegalHelp has has experience in servicing agricultural enterprises throughout Ukraine, namely:

  • acquisition of land, lease of land and property;
  • cash transactions;
  • cleaning and sorting of actually grown products;
  • accounting of auxiliary production;
  • the order and sequence of distribution of direct and general production costs (expenses);
  • calculation of the cost of crop production.

Opportunities LegalHelp

LegalHelp able to provide:

  • development of draft documents;
  • the correct reflection of business transactions in accounting and tax accounting;
  • formation and compilation of mandatory reporting;
  • guaranteed representation of legal protection from infringement of rights and protected interests by counterparties, representatives of regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

Price for subscription services LegalHelp for the provision of accounting services in agriculture

The list of services LegalHelp in agriculture (agricultural sector of the economy) at current one-time tariffs, as of 01.01.2020

The cost of accounting services.
Price in UAH from

Accounting services for accounting agricultural enterprises on the general taxation system, excluding accounting services for value added tax (VAT) payers and export-import operations, are charged separately. 8000
Accounting services for accounting agricultural enterprises on a simplified taxation system, payers of fixed agricultural tax, excluding accounting services for payers of value added tax (VAT) and export-import operations, are charged separately. 4500
Accounting services of payers of value added tax (VAT) with quarterly reporting. 1800
Accounting services of payers of value added tax (VAT) from monthly reporting. 2300
Accounting services of export-import operations in foreign economic activity. 3000

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