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Accounting services of accounting and maintenance of medical institutions, support of medical practice

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Accounting for medical practice

Medical practice in Ukraine is a licensed activity that involves manufacturing, trading and providing services.

Accounting for medical practice is one of the most complex in terms of its implementation, the specifics of legislative regulation and tax regimes.

Accounting services for medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies

Diagnostic centers, clinics, laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies have different functions among healthcare facilities in their medical practice.

LegalHelp adjusts accounting policies for accounting services for healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies in accordance with their activities.

Accounting support for medical practices and activities of healthcare institutions in medicine

Accounting support of LegalHelp medical practice and activity of healthcare institutions is in accordance with the type of institution and type of its activity, consists in accounting of business operations, formation and submission of reports.

LegalHelp Subscription Price for medical and pharmaceutical accounting services

Name of LegalHelp's services in medicine and pharmacy at current one-time rates as of 01/01/2020

Cost of accounting services.
Price in UAH. from

Accounting services in medicine and pharmaceuticals on the general system of taxation without taking into account the services of accounting of value added tax (VAT) payers and export-import transactions, which are charged separately. 8000
Accounting services in medicine and pharmaceuticals on a simplified taxation system without taking into account value added tax (VAT) payer accounting services and export-import transactions, which are charged separately. 4500
Value Added Tax (VAT) payers accounting services with quarterly reporting. 1800
Value-added tax (VAT) payers accounting services with monthly reporting. 2300
Accounting services of export-import operations in foreign economic activity. 3000

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