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LegalHelp accounting service packages, legal business support services and accounting services

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LegalHelp eliminates the risks of liability

The obligations of every business entity in Ukraine do not depend on the degree of formation of their own staff of employees of their respective specialties, their professional level or experience in solving urgent problems. In terms of staffing, the staff of accountants, lawyers and staff members are: - fully staffed; - partially (insufficiently) formed staff; - unformed staff. LegalHelp satisfies various volumes of demand for accounting and legal services of production, trade or performance of works (rendering of services) in Ukraine and foreign economic activity at all stages of support, creation, development and protection of business, as well as - reorganization or termination of its activity. At the stages of formation, development, "conservation", termination or substantial reorganization of business, according to the respective priorities of the tasks and for objective reasons (usually - lack of budget or sometimes in search of relevant employees within the budget), there is not always the ability to work independently, properly established by the fiscal legislation the obligation of timely drafting of the relevant primary documents, accounting of the results of financial and economic activity, formation and submission of mandatory reporting, completeness of accrual and special you taxes and other obligatory payments. They are in a constant state of risk of being brought to real responsibility in the form of penalties (financial) sanctions and penalties for non-payment, late or not full payment of taxes, fees and other mandatory payments to the budget, and their managers - to individual property, administrative or even criminal liability, respectively.



LegalHelp bundle benefits

With minimum, standard, combined, and maximum subscription packages, LegalHelp is able to fully protect against the risks of unlawful collection or unlawful recruitment, depending on the needs and regardless of staff, specialist or specialist staff in the state. to responsibility. LegalHelp services have an unspecified price for likely risks, and they are becoming more definitive. It is usually identical to the cost of packages according to the list of such services. Subscriber service packages sufficiently ensure that tax and other laws of Ukraine are properly enforced by business entities, and that all risks of prosecution are eliminated. In case of problems with accounting and reporting or legal issues in relations with regulatory or law enforcement agencies and counterparties, LegalHelp's clients do not waste time searching for the appropriate professional and do not hesitate to choose the best found. In conjunction with the information available to its clients, LegalHelp has sufficient time to study, elaborate, and identify solutions to problems. This ensures high quality without increasing the cost of their services, and is a significant advantage of LegalHelp among others.

We are basically chosen for:


A Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Auditing and Reporting combined with experience in litigation in tax, corporate, land, commercial, civil, administrative, labor disputes - defines the high-level, professional level of LegalHelp


Strategic plans for the implementation of business ideas acquire clear, outlined forms of necessary resources, their value, role and place in space and time. Legal literacy of contractual terms, timely preparation of primary documents and accounting of LegalHelp operations ensures certainty in the results of operations and provides for budgeting.


LegalHelp's professional assurance surely eliminates any doubt as to the ways in which it can be achieved. Saves on the cost of keeping expensive resources in your staff from prolonged inappropriate or inefficient use. It saves valuable time in protecting the business from unlawful encroachment and unlawful interference.


In addition to creating reliable passive impediments against the foreseeable and determined risks of the activity, LegalHelp is able to actively and actively protect the rights protected by law of interests, property, business reputation, etc. in spontaneous, force majeure and other cases. Careful and reliable protection against threats - gives peace of mind!

Choose the right package for you

Modes and forms of communication

For convenience to clients, depending on the priority of the needs and regardless of staffing, staff or specialists, LegalHelp Packages of accounting or legal directions are possible and appropriate. Any of the packages allows service directly in the office, remotely via telephone or remotely , on-line and in all other possible forms of communication of information exchange.

LegalHelp Service Packs

Бухгалтерські послуги

Accounting information and legal services

from 3 000 UAH
Бухгалтерські послуги

Accounting and legal support required

from 5 000 UAH
Бухгалтерські послуги

Selective consulting, accounting and legal services for maintenance and support

from 7 000 UAH
Бухгалтерські послуги

Full accounting services and legal support

from 10 000 UAH


List of accounting and legal services of maintenance and support of activity

Service packages

1. Consulting services (oral) from:

- management issues;

- taxation issues;

- budgeting issues;

- issues of calculations;

- personnel issues;

- accounting and reporting issues;

- legal representation, support, reorganization and protection of activities.

minimum 0

standard 95

combined 80

maximum 60


2. Accounting Services (Maintenance):

- formation of primary documents, personnel documentation;

- control of business transactions, payments and other payments;

- accounting of financial and economic activity in the registers of accounting (synthetic) accounting;

- accounting of inventory, materials and inventories in warehouse (analytical) accounting;

- cash discipline of settlement and cash operations;

- compiling and filing mandatory tax, static and other reporting.



minimum 95

standard 85

combined 70(80)

maximum 60

3. Legal services (support):

- certainty in agreements and legal literacy of contracts;

- formation of professional drafts of claims, complaints, claims, claims, etc. or relevant documents of response to such, including for the application of control (fiscal) or law enforcement agencies;

- protection of the rights and interests protected by law in accordance with the law and in the order determined by it;

- representation in courts of various jurisdictions, their appellate and cassation instances, as well as before state authorities and local self-government bodies, other legal or natural persons, including non-residents of Ukraine.

minimum 95

standard 85

combined 80(70)

maximum 60

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