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The first and only organization to eliminate the causes and conditions that create corruption

Ukraine is the first and the only organization in the world to clean up society from the priest, ie eliminate the causes and conditions that give rise to corruption!

Excerpt from the statute of the Public Organization “Legal Assistance Association of Ukrainians in Ukraine”, identification code 39270765 (revised) approved by the General Meeting of the “Human Rights Association of Ukrainians in Ukraine” (Protocol No. 2 dated July 08, 2014) and registered by the Obolon Regional Justice Department in Kyiv on July 8, 2014 (Order No. 146 dated July 8, 2014).

1.1. The NGO "human rights association of Ukrainians in Ukraine" (hereinafter referred to as "Organization") is based on a voluntary basis in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on the basis of the decision of the constituent assembly (Minutes No. 1 of the year 2014, June 17). unites individuals to disseminate the idea of ​​purifying (identifying, illuminating, localizing and eradicating) social relations from the prevailing and its consequences, realizing the purpose and tasks envisaged by this Charter.

2.1. The primary purpose of the Organization's activities is to provide legal assistance and assistance to the society, individual or individual in overcoming the prevailing act and its consequences.

2.2. The phenomenon of pre-Suvaida is determined by the following general criteria:

2.2.1. Prishwade is a disease of humanity that is parasitic in society. Immediately affected by society, the social urges the individual or individual to engage in meaningless relationships and spend their own or involved resources (time, money, health, etc.) to resolve or challenge the problems of such relationships;

2.2.2. Signs of the defeat of the prevailing are the obligations imposed on the individual or the person to act or to abstain from them by paying constant for temporary, eternal for a moment, constant for a variable, valuable for nothing, formed and ripe for shaky and immature and other that satisfying adherents;

2.2.3. Symptoms of the pre-Pride:

- the existence of meaningless relationships for an individual or a person to engage in unnecessary relationships;

- Indication (fixation) of sanctions or losses for an individual or a person for neglect to engage in unnecessary relationships;

- the resource lost by an individual or individual to the meaninglessness or likelihood of its loss;

2.2.4. The priest is spread by its bearers at various levels of public relations by creating obstacles for the individual or the person in fulfilling their obligations and / or in attaining legal rights or interests protected by law;

2.2.5. Prishwaid manifests itself at the local (local), regional, state and interstate levels on the basis of both contractual and through the fixing in the legislation of the transitional rules;

2.2.6. Adjective (s) - a person or group of persons, regardless of nationality, religion, race or other affiliation, statuses, titles, awards, regalia, etc., related to the purpose of making a living by afflicting the society with an adverb, through their actions (acts or omissions), acts or acts the point of committing them, and negligently and dishonestly against all or individually designated persons, on a temporary or permanent basis, consolidates and encourages the further spread of the Priest in the society.

2.3. The activities of the Organization are:

2.3.1. Gathering and analyzing information about the strange from the standpoint of logic, common sense, wit, and expediency of the relationship for signs of an injury to a pre-Suwaid or a pre-Suwaida symptom.

2.3.2. Gathering, analyzing information about the Priest and Sufferer victims.

2.3.3. Determination of strategy and tactics for: detection, illumination, stopping of distribution (localization) and eradication of pre-prive; restoration of the rights and legitimate interests violated by the priveid, compensation for the damage caused, compensation for damages; bringing the adherents to the statutory liability.

2.3.4. Providing wide publicity to the materials about: revealed signs of pre-Suvaida lesions or symptoms of Prevaida; the established adherents who spread it and who organized it.

2.3.5. Appeal to national and international courts, law enforcement and other bodies, including to special subjects, such as subjects of legislative initiative, ombudsman, etc., concerning the stopping of distribution, localization and eradication of priveida within the limits of their powers, restoration to victims of priveids of violated rights and legitimate interests, compensation of the damage caused, compensation of damages, bringing of the priests to the statutory liability.

2.3.6. Defining the direction and forms of support for the development and improvement of the activity of Ukrainians in the development and prosperity of a single, independent, democratic Ukraine that will ensure decent living of all its inhabitants, decent social security of all sections of the population, protection against encroachments on human values, culture, language, customs and look away from anyone.

2.3.7. Providing feasible support in monetary, tangible and intangible forms to the created and operating projects: production, production, maintenance in proper condition and modernization of own energy resources; energy saving; ecology; own production of competitive products; increase of GDP; development of proper education and medicine; ensuring social protection, defining, preserving and disseminating the true history and culture of Ukraine;

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